Gold King


  • The Soil Disturbed due to introduction of chemical fertilizers, Begins to improvise.
  • Crop, Fruits or Flowers-improves on performance with visible satisfactory growth.
  • It helps to decrease fruits and flower dropping in infant stage.
  • Consistent rise in shape, size and weight of the Produce with improved color and test increases yield and fetches better price.
  • Due to the improvement in the soil conditions, fungi. Insects and crawling pest gets controlled and vanishes gradually – day after day.
  • The improvement and conservation of soil needs a period of 5years. As the soil improves, plant obtains its food supplements from the soil and hence additional need of fertilizers becomes lass-day after day.


  • Drip Irrigation System : Give 400gm of krushiratna Gold King along with water for one acre.
  • Drenching System : Mix 400 gm. of Krushiratna Gold King in 400 ltr. Of water for one acre and spray on soil.
  • It can be mixed in any chemical.


1) Seaweed Extract Powder 100 % (w/w)
Total 100 %


  • Keep in cool¸ dry place¸ away from direct sunlight.
  • It is not harmful for environment, animals, plants or human Being, but consult a doctor if infected.
  • Result may vary due to change in environment or method of use.
  • Keep away from children.
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