Soil King


  • The Soil disturbed due to introduction of chemical fertilizers, beings to improvise.
  • It increases growth rate of crop.
  • It increases size and quantity of leaves.
  • It increases photosynthesis, which increases production.
  • It develops root zone.
  • Consistent rise in shape, size and weight of the produce with improved color and tast-increases product demand and fetches better price.
  • Improved soil results with the useful bacterial growth, which in turn improves soil and this action compliments of the growth of oxygen contents in the soil, which helps in arresting fungal growth.
  • The improvement and conservation of soil needs a period of 5 years. As the soil improves plant obtain its food supplement from the soil itself and hence additional of fertilizers become less-day after day.
  • By using Krushiratna Soil King the Size, test and color of the farm product improves, The increased product density results in higher crop yield per acre.


  • Mix 500 gm. Krushiratna Soil King in adequate of mud/cow dung and broadcast it in one acre.
  • 1 kg. of krushiratna Soil King coated on Chemical Fertilizer and broad cast in one acre.


1) Potassium humate 100 % (w/w)
Total 100 %


  • Keep in cool¸ dry place¸ away from direct sunlight.
  • It is not harmful for environment, animals, plants or human Being, but consult a doctor if infected.
  • Result may vary due to change in environment or method of use.
  • Keep away from children.
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