• In any spray about 50% solution is wasted as it falls on the ground only 50% stay on leaves out of which 30% gets evaporated and just 20% stays on crop.
  • Hence the spray can be anything –pesticide fungicide or liquid fertilizers mixing krushiratna Spreader King with it enables the solution to spreader and stick on the leaves. Within just a couple of minutes the chemical solution reaches inside the leaves and starts working.
  • Adding Krushiratna Spreader King enables absorption of 90% solution in the plant and it becomes effective.
  • Spreading Agent : it helps in rapid spreading of liquid on leaves.
  • Sticking Agent : It helps to stick the liquid on leaves.
  • Penetrating Agent it helps to absorb the liquid through stomata on leaves.


  • For spraying : mix 1ml of krushiratna Spreader King in 5 ltr of water.
  • Max 5 ml. of krushiratna Spreader King in 15 tr. of Pump


1) Silicon Polyether 20 %
2) Aqueous q.s. 80 %
Total 100 %


  • Keep in cool, dry place & away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Wear goggles and face mask while using.
  • If comes in contact with eyes, with water for 15 minutes & get medical advice if necessary
  • If comes in contact with skin wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water and get medical advice if necessary.
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