Krushiratna Telya King is a unique formulation for control and eradication of most devastating bacteria, Bacterial Blight (Xanthomonas).

Krushiratna Telya King consist of 100% naturally occurring anti-oxidants, nutrients and immunity power boosters, giving the plants vital boost to fight against bacterial infection, breaks the progress of bacteria, prevents spread of infection to other healthy plants. Thus avoids damage to valuable and profitable plants. Plants become healthy and free from bacterial blight (Telya).

Application and Dose

  • 1. Remove weed from near root zone of the plant.
  • 2. Do not use with the chemical, do not add any sticker or spreader.
  • 3. Wash the pump with the warm water before using.
  • 4. Do not apply any chemical spray before and after days of the application of Krushiratna Telya King.
  • 5. Use clean and chemical free water to mix Krushiratna Telya King for the application.
  • 6. For the first application mix 1 ltr. Krushiratna Telya King in 200 Ltr. Of clean water and use for 200 plants for drenchinf near the plant root zone.
  • 7. For second application use after 15 day interval use 5 ml Krushiratna Telya King for 1 Ltr. Clean water for foliar spray.
  • 8. Apply twice or as required or suggested at an interval of 15 days by foliar spray as per the intensity of disease of changes in weather conditions.
  • 9. Take a foliar spray after 3 months from second application.
  • 10. This product is 100% natural, chemical free and Eco friendly.
  • 11. Store in cool and dry place.


Herbal Extract (Special Technology)

Consist of extract of Tea Tree, Fenugreek, Neam Leaf, Seaweed, Alfalfa, Rosemary also contains natural silicon.

1) Herbal Extract 39 %
2) Aqueous q.s. 61 %
Total 100 %
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